Build a simple app on HTML5 [WAS: Re: Build a simple app on Android]

hh hh at
Sun Jul 30 19:28:46 EDT 2017

> Alex wrote:
> the "same domain"  limitation makes it unfeasible for me to use it
> for now.

You can test it with a local web server. I use this always for testing in HTML5
(e.g. using python as described in the HTML5 deployment guide of the dictionary
"Testing your HTML5 app ...").
So I hope you will join the "HTML5-sub-community" ;-)

> Alex wrote:

> btw - while looking at that entry in the release notes (for dp8), I 
> noticed the paragraph above it. Any guess what this is trying to say ?

Yes there are missing some lines. Panos wrote in his announcement:
> New syntax forms of the "create" command have been added, so you can now
> do "create card X in stack Y", or "create control Y in card Z"

I didn't try that until now.

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