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Here is an example of using wait in my app...

It seems to work better if I first load the map, then add markers from my database, rather than doing both at once.

There is not a good trigger to detect when the map is fully loaded and displayed.

So, I set an event listener for the page load, to trigger loading the markers from my server. Page load catches the process about halfway through-the map tile images are still loading from Bing.

I added a wait command in LC at this point, to give the widget a bit more time to process the map tile images.

Sometimes, webglearth JavaScript can get hung up if the data connection is slow. So, at the end of the wait period, I have LC trigger a moveback() function to nudge the widget and get the widget to keep loading tiles.

Wait helped because of imperfections in code outside of my control.

I also think wait can be useful inside of a loop that animates a movement, where you want to slow it down. However, this could easily be overcome with send-in-time handlers.

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> On Jul 29, 2017, at 9:06 AM, jonathandlynch at gmail.com wrote:
> You are right, Hermann - did not mean that to be mean-spirited to my home country, which I actually rather love. 
> My apologies.
> I do think that "wait" can be useful sometimes, but not often.
> I was just surprised at the effort they are taking to reproduce "wait" in HTML deployment.
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>> On Jul 29, 2017, at 8:51 AM, hh via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
>> #wait
>> I don't miss the "wait" handler in HTML5 and I wouldn't miss it in LC Script.
>> I even don't know of any use case where "send in <time>" (which works perfectly
>> in HTML5) isn't superior to "wait". Especially when connected to move/animation.
>> Also I don't miss "wait" in LC Builder. There OnTimer() is the superior
>> 'substitute'.
>> @Jonathan
>> And your 'syncing' skills, demonstrated several times, show that you dont need
>> it. It's sometimes comfortable to write "wait 1 millisec with messages", but
>> nothing more, it is not an essential command.
>>> Jonathan wrote:
>>> Either I am misunderstanding, or the concept of what is difficult in Scotland
>>> is shedloads harder than what we puny Americans think.
>> Jonathan, please think about such nasty national statements. There's no need
>> for that.
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