Native Livecode Pinch and Zoom

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jul 12 12:39:44 EDT 2017

Should we also consider adding aomething like a "zoomable" property for 

Sure, we can do it in script, but it's non-trivial and most get it 
wrong, e.g.:

..where the zoom is based around the centerpoint of the image rather 
than the touch location.  That makes it impossible to zoom in to see 
details in a corner of an image, for example.

There are improved versions in the forums, but given the widespread use 
of pinch-to-zoom and and efforts underway to expand the user base to 
better meet new user expectations, would it be possible to turn that 
work into a property setting?

Interactive wipe transitions would also be valuable, arguably more so, 
but I recognize that's a more complicated matter and I'm already 
straying OT here....

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