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Wed Jul 12 12:34:56 EDT 2017

I'm curious how you manage nearly simultaneous change requests from different users. I can see issues if your application is some kind of real time multi-user game, but if the changes are stored to a file or database, it makes sense. 

This idea seems interesting and I'm thinking how I might use it.

Bill P

William Prothero

> On Jul 12, 2017, at 9:23 AM, jbv via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> On Wed, July 12, 2017 5:34 pm, jonathandlynch at wrote:
>> If the data is always the same, then I would update a page and have the
>> browser read it.
>> Are you looking to reload the whole page or just update a few data
>> points?
> I really need to reload the xml data only, as the user will have the
> possibility to make some choices and changes on the page, and according
> to those changes, only some parts of the data will be displayed, or
> will be displayed in a different way...
> Thanks
> jbv
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