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Mark Waddingham mark at
Wed Jul 12 11:55:12 EDT 2017

Hi Ralph,

On 2017-07-12 17:41, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode wrote:
> I get pinch-and-zoom on both mobile platforms using the mobile browser
> control. My html expert has had to tweak a couple of html pages now
> and again to make it work. Other on-line pages don’t pinch-and-zoom
> but they also don’t pinch-and-zoom in Safari/Chrome either. I tried
> the browser widget and it is nice that you can use it in the IDE and
> Mobile but backed it out because the browser widget is missing
> "canretreat" property and "retreat" command.

Could you file a bug about this? (And any differences in parity between 
widget and mobileControl, for that matter!).

IIRC we added:

   go back in widget ..
   go forward in widget ...

To navigate forward / back (so the retreat command is at least catered 
for I think). There's also:

   do ... in widget ... (although this was a horrendous mistake 
syntactically which we are now realizing!)
   launch url ... in widget ...

If you put 'widget' into the LiveCodeScript section of the dictionary 
then you'll see the widget specific tailorings of normal LiveCode Script 

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