non-blocking http ... will tsnet end up in community?

Tom Glod tom at
Wed Dec 20 22:00:16 EST 2017

It makes perfect sense that it is a strong reason to get a business license
...I have full respect as to why it currently is not part of the community
edition.  i also understand that for a lot of use cases, its perfectly
fine.  Just not in mine.

Having said that, there has to be a solution, so the one I see in my mind
is to use a process (written in Go (or copy and pasted is more like it)) to
send the requests and receive the responses and give it back to me via a
local socket .... no idea what performance will be like but it will be
better than what is there now as far as trying to have high performance
async http.

I'm all ears if someone has a better idea.

I  appreciate everyone's thoughts on this .... lots to think about when
making decisions about things.

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