non-blocking http ... will tsnet end up in community?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Dec 20 17:59:08 EST 2017

Excellent thinking, Charles.  Thanks for chiming in.  Most of my net 
work has been on projects where I deliver both client and server, so 
I've too often had the luxury of working with APIs of my own design. 
You raise some good considerations there.

Given the value of multiple connections, beyond replicating your 
excellent work with tsNet from scratch what would you recommend for 
developers in our community like Tom who prefer to release their work 
under GPL license?

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Charles Warwick wrote:

 > Hi Richard,
 >> Is it?
 >> DDoS tools aside <g>, what APIs need more than one call at a time?
 > Not that I am Tom, but many APIs need different calls to retrieve
 > various pieces of information.  Just as a simple example, if you are
 > writing a weather app and you want to display on one screen the
 > temperatures for multiple cities, you may have to make an API call for
 > each city before you can render the entire screen.
 >> And since LC is single-threaded, what do you anticipate doing with
 >> the data from the multiple requests as it comes in?
 > The issue is usually that API calls can take time for the server to
 > respond.  By executing them in series, if you had to make 10 calls and
 > each one takes 500ms, that is 5 seconds of delay.
 > If you can send all 10 requests at once, you are likely to be waiting
 > less than 1 second in total - which makes a significant improvement
 > for user experience.
 >> This is a serious question.  Most of my work is with small data
 >> (<200k) where latency even on shared hosts is minimal.  But needs
 >> vary.  I'm interested in understand the problem you're facing.
 > This may not be the problem Tom is facing, but it is one I deal with
 > regularly.
 > Cheers.
 > Charles

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