At this point, what's the shortest path to an iOS/Android app?

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Mon Dec 18 23:23:53 EST 2017

The demo stack on the thread I mentioned lets you switch between the
different fullscreen modes to see how it impacts the display. You could add
a background image as suggested to see how that worked too.
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> Geoff
> IMHO your shortest path will be
> a) forget about fully responsive, in terms of trying to emulate  html5 web
> design. IMHO this whole "must be responsive" is a huge sidetrack from
> content development…someone spends days and days and ends up with a few pix
> and a little bit of text and "it's so cool… yeah.. it shrinks and expand so
> beautifully!" but nothing of substance. You will do better focusing on the
> game, content and game play UX instead of wasting time dealing with "on
> resize…"
> b) most games we are seeing on mobile are fixed to one orientation. This
> way you can "go crazy" with your design and not worry about "what happens
> if the user turns their phone sideways (or upright)"  .e.g. even apple does
> not respond to orientation change in it settings module. Monument Valley
> (awesomely beautiful) is portrait only… period. other games are landscape
> only. period.
> c) once you accept the above, they you are good to go with
> on preopenstack
>    wait 200 milliseconds with messages
>    set the fullscreenmode of this stack to "showAll"
> end preopenstack
> and your stack *will* be responsive for the screen size, assuming you
> a) work in the "safe zone"
> b) are willing to accept some letter boxing.
> c) or just use a large background and then on some screens all your
> significant content will be constrained to the central horizontal safe zone
> (on landscape) or vertical (on portrait)   but still look lovely.
> depending on the kinds of controls and overall look you may find one of
> these others works for you
> set the fullscreenmode of stack to
> {empty|"exactFit"|"letterbox"|"noBorder"|"noScale"|"showAll"}
> Each of these has its own caveats, I'm most familiar with showAll, but I
> think Randy is using exactFit…
> I hope others jump in here to discuss the differences/options..
> But the above is, I think the fastest way to get to where you want to be
> without messing with responsive geometry.
> Of course I can hear some who will jump in and say  "it's not that hard to
> roll your own." True, but depends on how many hours you want to put in on
> "resize stack" when that same mental re-estate could be going to building
> the game play? If you lock into portrait (or landscape), set a background
> image/grc to 1024 X 1024  and center that… but make your stack  736 X 414
> (or 414 X 736) you and use fullscreenMode ShowAll, you can be deploying
> successfully to pretty much any device in 30 minutes…
> in the end there's no way around iterations, test, deploy on device(s) and
> try again.
> just two mangos from Hawaii…
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>     Is there a ready-made shell that people prefer that I should copy the
>     elements of the app into? Or is there a mobile-specific library that I
>     should be copying into the app?
>     What do people prefer to use at this point?
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