Screen Resolution for Desktop Apps

Charles Szasz cszasz at
Mon Dec 18 09:51:12 EST 2017


I am referring to the Hi-DPI scaling that was introduced in LC 6.5 that allows stacks to be automatically scaled to match the system display setting.  I am not using 6.5 but using 6.7.11 instead.  I am assuming that this works with the user's setting when they use your app. 

I set most of my desktop apps to a minimum of a 1280x768 screen resolution in order to launch and run my apps. I had some Windows 10 users complained of not being able to run my apps although their screen resolution is higher than the required 1280x768.  In the past I had recommended that they adjust their ClearType font setting to resolve this problem.

I think that the Hi-DPI scaling is responsible for this problem. This is why I thought THAT using LC 6.9.11 the Hi-DPI scaling might resolve this problem.  What do you think is the best way to resolve this problem?  

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