Timer on Auto complete

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sun Dec 17 22:57:44 EST 2017

@monte<mailto:monte at goulding.ws>

I'm giving 9 dp 10 a workout. Since I'm building some stuff from ground zero, I'm finding the auto complete is very useful. So useful in fact that it’s a bit irritating when the suggested list is dismissed so quickly. Is there a way to keep the suggestions list from disappearing right away? what are the small letters in front of the suggestions?

I'm constantly "reflecting" on my overall algorithm" so making immediate choices in the next code to enter is  not the way of the timid… … old habit of "try to write it once and write it right" from our editorial world. means you go a little slowly.

Ernst Hemingway famous for writing one or two sentences of prose a day… of course he was an alcoholic existentialist who only had a few sober moments to write each day, and then committed suicide  So I'm a little faster than that.  If he had had auto complete, I suspect he would have thought life good enough to carry on.

I just want to say the LC teams seems to be working very hard and we all appreciate it! Thank you!


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