Shout Out to dev at livecode

Dave Kilroy dave at
Sun Dec 17 12:08:13 EST 2017

Well said Roger

Thank you team, we appreciate the amazing stuff you do!

Kind regards


> I was rummaging around in RevOnline i.e. Sample Stacks looking for new ideas to play with and I ran across Bouncing Balls by [hidden email] <> last updated in 2014. I just have to say what a cool stack this is! I am learning so much from this contribution as it is filled with examples and concepts I was not familiar with, along with impeccable commenting throughout that even I can understand. 
> Too often this list is focussed on criticisms of various sorts. Well, I for one appreciate this kind of support and it’s implementation and presentation on RevOnline. 
> Thank you, dev at livecode!!! 
> Roger 

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