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On 12/16/17 3:25 PM, Charles Szasz via use-livecode wrote:
> Jacqueline,
> I was really intrigued by your suggestion of using a scale factor!  Can you elaborate more about this method?  I have used Scale Factor and pretty much developed desktop apps on my Mac using a screen resolution of 1280x768 and 1280x800.

ScaleFactor is a LiveCode keyword (see the dictionary.) It just scales 
the stack to a designated ratio. A ratio of 1 is the native size. A 
scalefactor of .75 would scale everything down to 3/4 size. A 
scaleFactor of 2 would double the size on screen. Other than the 
scaling, nothing changes in the stack itself. Font sizes and all 
controls are managed for you.

If your original stack size is, say, 800 pixels high, and the screen 
height is 768, then the ratio would be 768/800 or 0.96 scaleFactor. I 
think I'd round that to 0.9. Also, rather than use the actual screen 
height, use the "working screenrect" to get the useable area that isn't 
covered by OS elements.

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