libUrl tsNet and socketTimeoutInterval

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Awesome Ralph:

Looks like we need to crowd fund Charles for documentation (smile)

You are about 3 days ahead of me… can you post some code snippets  of your methods?


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    Ok, I just got async tsNet working in IDE and Android(Testing iOS later). I works great! Hat tip to all the contributors. One question and one Observation:
    1) How do you query the current tsNet timeout settings? I have quite a few places where I save the socketTimeoutInterval, set it to a new value, do something and then set it back to the saved timeout. I don't see a way to query this in the dictionary.
    2) I seems the you don't need to do a "tsNetInit" in the IDE. In the IDE one gets "tsneterr: Already initialized". On Android this error does not occur.
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