Copying text in boxes to clipboard

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Fri Dec 8 09:10:52 EST 2017

Easy, if I understand what you are asking.

So do you have pairs of fields, each pair a "name" and a "score"? Something

name1, score1
name2, score2


Are these pairs of fields associated with each other in the way I assumed,
that is, by their names, or in some other way?

In any case, they have to be associated in some way or another, and you
would write a repeat loop that examines each field pair, and collect their
contents in a variable, with the accumulated data delimited in some manner.
Then set the clipBoardData to that variable.

If you explain just a little more what you actually have built, I can write
an example handler to do what you want. I think.

Whatever comes out of this, the version of LC is not an issue.


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