LC Server style survey: co-mingle code w/HTML?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Dec 6 17:34:14 EST 2017

Rick Harrison wrote:

 > Hi Richard,
 >> You use Wordpress.
 > After exploring Wordpress a couple of years ago I decided not use
 > Wordpress.
 > I do not use Wordpress.

My bad, though earnestly I must admit I don't understand this thread: 
if we're not talking about Wordpress, what are we talking about and why 
has so much of this thread been about Wordpress?

 > No one said Web hosting was an easy business,
 > but it needs to be become better.  No company should
 > threaten it’s users to do XYZ upgrade or suffer the
 > loss of their accounts.  If it is that important, then the
 > company should make the upgrade process very
 > simple or automatic, or not offer that particular piece
 > of software if it is so vulnerable that it threatens the
 > security of the entire system.

I'd like that too.  But as with much of life, what I want and what the 
world offers me is often different. ;)

I do see managed services.  But like Simon said, they're not cheap.

 > I objected to the fact that Run-Rev hyped Wordpress to
 > it’s On-Rev users, and after encouraging them to
 > snap it up, then later slapped them.

One man's "slapped" is another man's "please read the Terms and 
Conditions".  I don't use on-rev and haven't seen their ToC so I don't 
have an opinion there.  But from what I've heard their policies don't 
seem unusual, at least compared to the half-dozen or so hosting 
companies I've used over the years.

Maybe the bigger problem is with shared hosting in general.  Like you 
say, it's useful for certain types of low-traffic sites with limited 
config needs.  But once you get a large enough audience or want the 
freedom to add persistent services, VPSes are hard to beat.  It means 
more responsibility, but also more freedom.

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