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#1 below==>The shared prefs is a problem. I see the same thing. Different prefs for each version would solve this. When a new version is started for the first time the prefs from the last version in the series(if any) should be copied to the new version prefs file. But the rub is... if you change some other prefs and go to another version the you lose the change.
#2 below==>True... I always keep the Xcode version to build from in the applications folder and name it I put the other versions into another folder. When I upgrade Xcode I move the most recent version into my "OtherXcodeVersions" folder and rename it with the version number. I then download and install the new version into the applications folder. Of course I have to go into the LC prefs and fix the Xcode versions. The hardwired path to /Applications/ should come from the prefs. Radio buttons in the Xcode prefs to indicate==> "Build using tools in this version would solve this.
#3 below==> I agree the docs need to be updated matrix whenever a new Xcode/Mac/LC version is released. Even if LC does not support a particular combination it should be documented.

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This continues to be a major source of friction.

Once again all my versions of LiveCode seem to have been reset so that they can't find a version of Xcode they like. (At any time I am probably switching between (or have simultaneously open) four version of LC: LC 6.7.11; the latest stable version of 8; the latest 8 RC or sometimes DP; the latest DP of 9. Admittedly I'm not building iOS apps from 6.7.11.)

I think that there are two main problems:

1) Because preferences are shared between versions of LiveCode. I believe it is the case than when switching between versions of LiveCode, if the mobile support preferences are opened in a version of LC which doesn't play nice with the selected version of Xcode, that path is deleted; so that next time the version of LC which was previously happy is opened, the path to Xcode is gone. 
The behaviour may be a little more subtle than this, but I believe something along these lines is correct.

2) Something somewhere along the line of building apps seems to have a hardwired path to /Applications/; so that while I may be able to maintain a set of different Xcodes in separate folders or separately named, LiveCode won't entirely work this way.

So currently I have XCode 8.3.3 as the 'canonical' version, probably because I was using LiveCode 9.0 DP-9. Now that I have updated to LC 9.0 DP-10 and LC
8.1.8 stable, nothing can build (except 8.1.6 stable - which unfortunately doesn't like the widgets in my stack!).

3) A third problem: I now want to start using LC 8.1.8, the latest stable version; what version of Xcode does it use on Mas OS 10.12? According to :

> LiveCode 8.1.8 RC-2 – Xcode 7.2 -Mac OS 10.10 – iOS 9.2 LiveCode 8.1.8 
> RC-2 – Xcode 8.2 -Mac OS 10.11 – iOS 10.2 LiveCode 8.1.8 RC-2 – Xcode 
> 9.1 -Mac OS 10.12.6+ – iOS 11.1
> LiveCode 8.2.0 DP-1 – Xcode 7.2 -Mac OS 10.10 – iOS 9.2 LiveCode 8.2.0 
> DP-1 – Xcode 8.2 -Mac OS 10.11 – iOS 10.2 LiveCode 8.2.0 DP-1 – Xcode 
> 8.3 -Mac OS 10.12 – iOS 10.3

Some things that would make this better:

1) When the mobile support preferences were opened, if there is a path to a version of Xcode which this version of LC can't use, it would be better if it were displayed - but in grey or red or similar to show it's not usable - rather than being deleted, this would be better.

2) Ensure that iOS standalones can be built if there is a path to a valid version of Xcode, regardless of that path.

3) Change the list on
to a table, with LiveCode versions on one axis, MacOS versions on the other, and Xcode/iOS versions in each cell.

3b) Update the above to include the current stable 8.1.8!

I'm off for a stiff drink...


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