LC Server style survey: co-mingle code w/HTML?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 5 20:23:20 EST 2017

Simon Smith wrote:

 > Personally I do prefer to mix HTML / code together.

If you mix them together with the implied extended merge of LC Server 
rather than an explicit merge with LC Script, I'm afraid nothing in my 
toolkit can help.

 > I don't think it right to say it is a PHP way to do things though :)

What other languages work that way?

In LC Script the primary execution object is a script, which can 
optionally pass data to be merged with an explicit call to the merge 
function.  This pattern seems more common, e.g. Ruby, Lua, Python, and 
of course SuperCard's Flamethrower project which introduced the merge 
function to the xTalk world.

With PHP (and LC Server), the primary execution object is assumed to be 
a web page, with code optionally embedded in it and the merging happens 
as an implicit part of the processing.  I can't think of any other 
languages that work that way.  Am I missing some?

I don't have a judgment about it either way.  A lot of people like PHP, 
and given the range of things people make with it (nearly every major 
CMS and a lot of other server frameworks where the browser is the 
primary target) it seems to do well.

The only reason I'm distinguishing the style in this thread is that LC 
Server's page-centric code is incompatible with LC Script on the 
desktop, and my tools run on the desktop.

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