Why is node.js faster than LC server?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Dec 4 14:06:23 EST 2017

jonathandlynch wrote:

 > Hi Richard and Andre - thanks for your replies. I was the one who
 > mentioned millions of users at the same time, not out of drunkenness
 > but because I wanted to understand the upper limits of these systems.

Scaling is a fascinating problem.  I found the C10k problem a good 
starting point (in recent years supplanted with C10m):


 > I also found a thread discussing this idea from a few years ago that
 > Richard was part of. It was very informative.

I usually just quote Pierre or Andre, but once in a while my OCD habits 
with benchmarking add something useful. :)

 > I think an all-LC very fast server would be a great thing, but it
 > sounds like just using node would be more realistic. I might fiddle
 > a bit with this idea, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Node.js is good where Node.js is needed.  In some cases NginX is good. 
In other cases Lighttpd is fine.  And in many cases Apache is fine, even 
with simple CGI.

Most of us never need to think about C10m, or even C10k.  If we do, 
that's a wonderfully fortunate problem to have.  Just having that 
problem makes it much easier to get funding to solve it with 
specialists.  Let the t-shirts sort it out while the suits focus on 

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