hh hh at
Mon Dec 4 13:21:42 EST 2017

> Bob S. wrote:
> Cool, but it moves so fast I read about 1/10th of the text and
> I am exaggerating. :-)

Your machine's CPU/GPU combination is from next generation.

Though I removed a small bug (that made LC 9 run 30% too fast).
Now you could play with the param d of "hhAnim".

The fact is that the self-made-animation using LiveCode is here
smoother than the CSS3 @keyframes (which could be also applied).

If you use it in a production version, you could test the speed
of the user's CPU/GPU combination and set from that the param d
(for slow machines add another param dy and"subtract dy from x"
in the handler "hhAnim").

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