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Sun Dec 3 11:30:18 EST 2017

Dave Kilroy wrote:

 > My instinct would be to build on revIgniter rather than start another
 > (possibly competing) project - I would be much more likely to
 > contribute to an enriched revIgniter than to two disjointed projects

revIgniter is one of the best open source projects in the LiveCode 
community.  Ralf's work has been truly exemplary, with a solid 
implementation, some of the best docs for any such system, and an 
unusually responsive support that shows him fixing bugs and refining 
features in near-real time.

It may be that revIgniter is an excellent fit for what Alex has in mind.

But if we look at web frameworks for other languages, we see most 
languages have more than one framework.  This is natural and to be 
expected, since not every web development workflow will be identical.

Consider CMSes made with Python:

Nearly 20 in that list, each addressing a set of needs different from 
the others, so that collectively Python can be used in a very wide range 
of contexts.

I believe this is where LiveCode will inevitably wind up some day as 
well.  Or at least so I hope.

In the Python world, the most popular CMS by far is Django, and all 
others pale by comparison in popularity.  I suspect the same will remain 
true with revIgniter for the foreseeable future; the quality of Ralf's 
stewardship will retain its valuable position in our community.

But I would not discourage exploration of other ways of working.  Any 
single framework will embody one way of thinking, and no matter how good 
it is other thought is possible.

I think it's a sign of a healthy platform when an ecosystem has more 
than just one of a given resource type.

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