Trapping multiple keystrokes: deliberately misunderstanding this thread

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Dec 2 06:48:59 EST 2017

So, today I had a meeting with a young man who is attempting to buck the 
trend and do
his high-school programming project using LiveCode against the 
disapproval of his
teacher (who admits her objection to LC is because she knows nothing 
about it).

Anyway, this chap wants to do some stuff messing around with music and 
create effects
by depressing one or more keys on the keyboard at the same time . . .

Not being particularly musical myself (if fiddle lessons from 7 to 14 
getting almost nowhere
are discounted) . . . I thought I'd just knock together a stack doing 
other things with multiple key presses . . .

And, with Arrow keys coupled with other keyDowns there is absolutely no 
problem at all.


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