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Jerry Jensen jerry at jhjensen.com
Thu Aug 31 22:10:37 EDT 2017

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> On Aug 31, 2017, at 6:53 PM, Mike Kerner via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> Things I'm wondering about:
> 1) Screen real estate:  Appearance aside, is there an advantage to retina?
> Do I get more working space if I don't go to a 15" display?

My eyesight is not great. Retina doesn’t make that much difference to me, screen size DOES.

> 2) I don't notice the speed of this box affecting much of anything.  For
> development, does cpu really matter?  I suspect I'd do better with some
> more memory, but has anyone noticed that it matters?

If you don’t notice speed now, probably it won’t be an issue for you. Until you use a faster one. Then, you’ll want it. I am firmly of the camp that I don’t ever want to run out of RAM. I probably overdo it. New offerings from Apple seem to have enough, which was not always true. For development & browsing, for sure 8G minimum, 16G comfortable. 

> 3) I can get a 27" 5k imac pretty nicely equipped for the same price as a
> 15" MBP.  Ignoring the portability issue, any thoughts?

Portability is HUGE for me. I have 27” monitors most places I go, which may not be typical. If portability is not an issue for you, go for the iMac. That 5k screen is really beautiful, wrote the blind man <grin>.

Take with salt!

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