[off]macbook model

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at roadrunner.com
Thu Aug 31 21:53:26 EDT 2017

I'm thinking of replacing my 2011 macbook air with a new macbook, but I'm
torn on which one to go for.  Primary uses are going to be LC development
and browser goodness.
Before anyone chimes in about Windoze or LInux, I already have both of
those covered.
Things I'm wondering about:
1) Screen real estate:  Appearance aside, is there an advantage to retina?
Do I get more working space if I don't go to a 15" display?
2) I don't notice the speed of this box affecting much of anything.  For
development, does cpu really matter?  I suspect I'd do better with some
more memory, but has anyone noticed that it matters?
3) I can get a 27" 5k imac pretty nicely equipped for the same price as a
15" MBP.  Ignoring the portability issue, any thoughts?

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