Bad Crash on Attempt to Group Radio Buttons

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 28 14:13:49 EDT 2017

Paul Hibbert wrote:

 > On Aug 28, 2017, at 7:07 AM, Randy Hengst wrote:
 >> I would find it very handy if when the cantSelect is true, you could
 >> still drag to select objects that are above the control with
 >> cantSelect true…
 >> In other words, the ability to select the other controls with click
 >> and drag when the initial click is within the rect of the control
 >> (usually a grc for me) that has cantSelect set to true.
 >> It certainly is possible to select the controls above the control
 >> with cantSelect true… but only if the initial click is outside that
 >> rect.
 > AFAIK you can achieve this if you also set the disabled of the control
 > to true.

Nice - thanks.

For things like buttons and fields where appearances change based on the 
value of the disabled property this may or may not work well depending 
on the specifics of the context.

But those are among the rarer of this already-rarely-used property.  A 
more common use case would be as a background in a group, as Monte 
described, and since the graying effect that comes with disabling can be 
offset by brightening the colors and/or changing the ink, this could 
work well enough.


cantSelect = alwaysBrowse

cantSelect + disabled + some combinations of adjusted colors and inks = 

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