OT: Anybody good in rewrite rules in htaccess?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Mon Aug 21 11:16:53 EDT 2017


I wanted to migrate my domain from http to https, but I fail with my
Livecode programs, which communicate with some php programs in one directory
on my domain (see my previous post).

Since I am not able to combine the rewrite htaccess in my domain root with
an authentication htaccess in my php directory, so that my LiveCode programs
can call the PHPs, I got the idea to define the rewrite rules for all
directories BESIDE of the directory with my PHPs.

Is this possible in the main htaccess in the root of my domain (without
putting an individual htaccess in each directory)? Has anybody perhaps an
example on how to exclude a directory in the rewrite rules?






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