Filtering, Search and Fields on Mobile

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Aug 19 14:06:32 EDT 2017

In our new app I just exposed *all* the audio on our web site in different playlists. you can now download and play off line. beta users begged me… done! YAY!

Some some playlist (posted to a mobile scrolling field) are 900 lines long and you can't find anything BOO!

Later I will implement more curated play lists ala Spotify.. but until then we I think just offering search is a quick fix for V1

since searching and filter is really something we will do everywhere, plan to create


that we can attach to any card or group on a card..

The scenarios I can see are pretty much always the same

1) search records which you have already fetcedh and all the data is in a local array…
   -- take some action with the results  which is very often just:
  --   put results back into some list field (or later, datagrid)

2) filter the actual lines already in a field

3) search for something in the text of a field and do something like colorize all the found words and set their link text for some action.

where we can use generalized commands functions that take generic params from the calling stack/card, like
target, field, search string, set of filers for a pull down men…etc.

To be worked out… but it seems like smart way to go rather than having search and filter be re-invented every time we need it. It will be easier, I think, if it is all in one script and if we need "extensions" for some new scenario/module(=stack in this framework)  we just add it there and then it could be easily re-used somewhere whereelse, because typically the scenarios are very parallel for this kind "job" that the user needs to get done: "Make it easier to find and show what I want to see."

OK so that's my plan, If  any of you  have any thoughts on it, please free free to comment… for now will just be attached to "search-filter" group on the playlist card in one stack

I have two quick questions related to the "view" end of this:

1) how do we control when the mobile keyboard is opened. Sometimes I have left a field on a card with traversal on, and the mobile keyboard automatically open when you go to that card, even though the user hasn't actually tapped into the field (in this case a field for entering a search string)  what has been "settled on" as best practice? OR how do you do it?

2) current scenarios create a field, then set the mobilescroller, but what about dynamically changing the contents of that field later?  Can you just "Talk" to it like any other field in a regular LC environment. At

What caveats are there on Mobile for taking lines of field, filtering and putting the results back in.

I will go straight to work on this tomorrow, but was hoping to get some hints before I spend my usual hours "fumbling around"


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