Developing first on android

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There might be another way to skin this cat.  I liked what Pomegranate said,
which would also be a way to make apps even more levure/git-friendly, and
would, I think, solve some of the Android layout issues that she was
discussing - every object is created by a script, instead of using the LC
IDE to do it.  I've been thinking of developing a deconstructor to use with
Levure.  The idea is that you would lay out the objects, but then the
deconstructor would pull all the properties of each object, put them in a
YML, JSON, or other similar file, and then they would be built in the app
by  script, when needed.  That may give you additional flexibility when
doing Android or ios because you could build your own geometry manager for
The other thing that I've been thinking about was doing the layouts in a
tool like Sketch (which would also mean that I could use some of the
interface design service companies like uichest and pixelbuddha more
easily).  That might also make the Android interface simpler to build and
manipulate, but I haven't played with the idea enough to really
understand it, yet.

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> I really appreciate something Jacqueline said in her presentation. If we
> start with Android deployment first, we can be pretty sure it will work on
> iOS.
> How do you guys feel about this?
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