Android App Woes

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Aug 13 16:33:13 EDT 2017

I also getting reports from from one Beta tester of Siva Siva app of the app stopping after hitting the home key. and also the square key  (what is that on Android, some app switcher?) 

this is a but unclear… I need to talk to her.. but these are all related symptoms on Android:

" I just tried opening the app again and it worked fine first time. 

I then went into listening, [BR: this is a stack dedicated to play audio]  Gurudeva's 1970 course, and exited with "circle" back to my home screen. From my home screen I select the app page, then Siva Siva app and I get the stop message.

The, going to "Listen" [stack], hit  "square", do this email, square, select Siva sheet, stopped, then come back to it and it opens to pg where listening is a choice.

It works to do this if I am at listening option pg vs actually listening to something.
[BR: What this means is she is on a playlist screen, but has not actually tapped and no mobile player is yet created… so the above the app is crashing, in the above scenarios, when a mobile audio player is "up"

Then later she writes'

"I have been opening the Siva Siva app from my app collection. When I do this  it doesn't open and it repeatedly tells me it has stopped but if I click ok on the message and then on the app again it opens just fine."

Not being and android user I only just today try the "square" button and yup. the app crashes (stops) 

I will be pushing the latest to nightly tonite, and then asking HQ to look at it… but this is not a 3 line stack!  But this all feels like it's in the same wheelhouse.


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