preOpenStack problem

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Aug 5 05:06:33 EDT 2017

So, in the most recent version of my Devawriter Pro I have a script in 
the preOpenStack
section of the stackScript:

on preOpenStack
    send "mouseUp" to btn "CHECKIT"
end preOpenStack

btn "CHECKIT" checks the end-user's computer's MAC address
against a list of MAC addresses in a scrolling list field.

When I quit LiveCode LiveCode "throws a bluey" and opens
up the stackScript and puts a "yellow thingy of death" next to
send "mouseUp" to btn "CHECKIT"
and says "no such object"

which is, obviously, rubbish


why on earth is LiveCode trawling through "preOpenStack" when it's 
closing the thing?


this is not "fatal" as I notice it doesn't happen in a standalone.



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