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> I have just changed my Devawriter licensing system so that each
> instantiation of it that I sell is tied to the MAC address of
> an individual computer. Therefore there is nothing to respect, a chain is
> a chain, and if someone manages to spoof Mac Addresses
> on a large scale to use my program the fact that they would go to that
> trouble proves it's a program worth having!

My licensing system is tied to individual lawyers.  The license key I
provide is where the name and address come from for the pleadings; it
simply isn't possible to actually input these.

So a lawyer and his assistant(s) can all actually work on the same file at
the same time (and adding iPad won't be too hard; I've been coding to make
groups instead of stacks possible for a couple of years), but it won't file
under someone else's name.

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