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Wed Aug 2 16:07:09 EDT 2017

Apple's EULA may not actually be legal or legally enforcable in a large 
number of territories
where this Use-List is read.

Just seen Tim Cook "sucking the kneecaps" of China's one-party state's 
leaders and blethering anent "adhering to the law" re VPNs.
Nothing makes me despise anyone more than trying to justify adherence to 
laws of a totalitarian state.

Sometimes the law is an ass; as has been demonstrated by sensible 
lawyers time out of mind.

This kind of reaction makes me want to scream "Richard Stallman" in a 
very trenchant tones.

I also don't see how discussing how one might go about something has to 
be seen as a demonstration of an intention
to carry out those actions . . .

. . . but then I don't live in a paranoid police state (Bulgaria had a 
patch of that and gave it up, just as some, previously open, states
started on an opposite journey).

Of course in "parts west" they don't even need the full apparatus of a 
police-state any more as they have, through political
correctness  effectively erected what Mao Zedong ( a well-known advocate 
of democracy) termed "a dictatorship of the
proletariat" where the people police themselves.

Anyway we don't need to worry about that when we have our own folk 
attempting to impose censorship nearer to home.

I have come up against this attitude in several places recently, the 
idea that a place is "safe and friendly" only when we are not allowed to
express certain opinions.

That is the beginning of the end of proper, robust discussion and 
healthy creativity.


On 8/2/17 6:56 pm, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> We have a great community, having earned a reputation for providing a 
> safe, friendly environment for learning LiveCode.
> With that in mind, please remember that Apple's EULA for macOS 
> requires that it be run only on "Apple-branded computers".
> Discussions of using VMs on Mac hosts is great, useful for testing our 
> apps on multiple OS versions.
> But we probably don't want to have discussions of violating Apple's 
> copyright as part of this community's permanent public archive.
> There are other venues where such discussion can take place.  Here in 
> this official LiveCode support venue, it may be better to follow the 
> guidelines used for the Forums, in which we avoid discussions which 
> may be construed as encouraging illegal activity.
> Forum Guidelines
> <http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18885>
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