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> a real Scottish clan.

And what would a "real" Scottish clan be, forbye?

Personally I wear a green kilt in "Hunting McIntosh" (invented in 1952) 
because my father's family are originally Scandinavian
and my maternal Grandfather's name was Richmond McIntosh. He never wore 
a kilt, but, occasionally wore tartan trews in some generic plaid.

My paternal grandfather's folk never wore kilts.

My paternal grandmother's father wore a sort of muddy brown/bottle green 
kilt that he picked up in a cheap Army surplus shop.

Most tartans were "fixed" to names by the Sobieski Stewarts: 2 crafty 
Polish businessmen who landed in the Cromarty Firth claiming to be the 
heirs to His majesties Charles III and Henry IX (which is nonsense 
because the heir general to the Jacobite line is Franz Herzog von 
Bayern): they
set up a tartan factory and started churning out "authentic" clan kilts 
faster than you can say "Donald Trump".

McIntosh are a sept of the Clan Chattan (clan of the cat) federation 
that held feudal power in a large swathe of central Alba for some time.
Beyond the chief (Lachlan Mackintosh; a poncy sort of fellow who teaches 
English in Singapore when he isn't wiggling his spindle shanks round Moy 
there are no "official" clans . . .

All this reminds me of 2 jokes:

1. A man in Carbondale who certainly looked as if at least some of his 
ancestors had "enjoyed" a forced trip over the Atlantic from the Barbary 
assured me he was 100% American (a bit like Donald Trump, Barack Obama 
and Bill Clinton).

2. I can assure I am a "real" Scot as:

2.1. I was born in Scotland.

2.2. My mother is half-English, half-Scots, my father is 100% Scots 
(with a Scandanavian name).

2.3. I went to school in England and spent all my childhood there.

2.4. I have red hair: which I inherited from my English grandmother (who 
had Norwegian ancestry), as all my Scots relatives had either jet-black 
or lint-white

2.5 I own a house in Scotland (right next door to a man from California).

2.6 There is a story (unchecked and uncheckable) that, on my paternal 
great-grandfather's side there was a woman from Ethiopia a few 
generations back.

It might also be worth reflecting that for quite a long period the 
biggest kilt factory in the world was in the Yukon (presumably also a 
part of Scotland).

Oh, and while I'm here: my wife is a "pure" Bulgarian as many of her 
family came from Macedonia with Albanian as their mother-tongue.

Lots of Irishmen wear kilts.

Macedonians sometimes wear kilts.

People in Bhutan and Tonga wear kilts.

People in Kerala wear long kilts called lunghis.

NOW: go and make your ANSWER DIALOGS tartan (Hunting Macintosh [oh, and 
you can spell 'McIntosh' at least 3 ways] of course):


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