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It's also great that enthusiasts have already tested much of what's out
there.  You can pick your components from this buyers guide for best



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> In addition what Roger said.
> Hackintosh Rule #3: Buy only PC hardware components (if possible)  which
> are supported by Apple native.
> Most problems can be avoided to use the wright components which are
> critical to build a good working Hackintosh.
> Buy a motherboard which has already Wifi/BT (e.g.. Broadcomm) and Sound
> (e.g. RealTek) compatible to Apple on board (e.g. GigaByte).
> Buy a videocard compatible to Apple (NVIDIA) or use the internal videocard
> supporting Intel HD 5000+
> Buy a USB (e.g. Logitech) video camera compatible to Apple.
> If you follow these rules you will have a natively working Apple. Even
> nowadays updating Mac OS X from Yosemite up to Sierra using Clover is
> working via the normal Apple procedure (App Store). Sometimes you have to
> refresh your kexts for sound, networking etc. after upgrading but that’s
> all.
> Regards,
> Erik
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>     Hackintoshers Rule #1:  "If it ain't broke, don't update it!"
>     Hackintoshers Rule #2:  "Carbon Copy Clone it FIRST!"

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