snapshot and animation capture

-hh hh at
Fri Jan 29 14:53:45 EST 2016

Richmond wrote:
> At the risk of throwing a spanner in the works I want to refer you to this:
> "Hi all, Some weeks ago,
> I reported that windowShape was not working in my Lubuntu Linux setup.
> After looking around and testing many recipes,
> finally I found the program that works in my setup.
> The windowshape property was not working in Lubuntu Linux because it 
> does not include, by default a composite manager."
> posted by someone wiser than me.
> Richmond.

What a valuable hint from Alejandro! And what a valuable hint to that hint.
May nearly all your sins be forgiven for that, Richmond:

Based on that I found the way of how to have windowshape on RaspberryPi,
running Raspbian. See here my first screenshot of a LC "frame"-stack
(the skyBlue line is the stack) that makes screenshots.

Thank you both very much for that.


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