snapshot and animation capture

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Wed Jan 27 14:38:57 EST 2016

I need to be able to easily capture stuff the user is seeing on their
screen so that they can import it into my application without having to
navigate the file manager multiple times. There's some good screen capture
stuff already in Livecode, but what I'm picturing is an actual window with
a hole in it the user can position and leave there so they know what's
going to be captured multiple times. Like gifcam

There doesn't seem to be a way to set the background of a window to
transparent. There is a way to mask the window using a transparent .png,
but that won't allow the user to resize the window. At the moment the only
mechanism I can come up with is to screencap what's behind the window every
time the user moves or resizes it and display that in the window so that it
looks like it's transparent. Is there a better way?

Also, in addition to capturing still images, I'd like the user to be able
to capture animated images (as an alternative to video). So, that part
would be exactly like gifcam. The only mechanism I've found for that is to
export each frame and then use something external like imagemagik to stitch
them together into an animation.

- Matt

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