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On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 11:34 PM, Peter TB Brett <peter.brett at livecode.com>

>> I would prefer if if people wouldn't use "the mothership" to describe 
>> the
> core dev team.
> Sorry, no disrespect intended. I basically failed English and it's not 
> the
> first time I've used a turn of phrase on this List which I thought was
lighthearted or upbeat only to discover across the > > globe it meant
something quite opposite. My intention was certainly more 'Millennium
Falcon' rather than 'Death Star' and > > that the Bug being OS X specific
wasn't confirmed by me but by someone with actual qualifications,
credibility and who's in > a position to take on 'Darth Bug' and save the
day for all of us. :-)

> Oh, and the latest Star Wars movie... a must see. Not brilliant like the
first 3 (IV,V & VI) as it seemed to suffer from a > > sort of Catch-22: the
way it tied in the original movies was to be commended, but the fact that it
condensed the plot line > > of the first 3 into one movie made it just too
predictable. But, 30+ years of improvement in cinematography, cgi and
special > effects can't be ignored.

The first time I went to the UK from the States I was mad about some vendor
or something and walked into the office at 9am and loudly pronounced how
"pissed" I was. I quickly learned US=mad UK=drunk. After that when I
traveled I refrained from any colloquialisms until I learned the lay of the
land. This worked until, being exhausted from jet lag I turned down drinks
in Japan and highly insulted my Asian co-workers. Well I tried....

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