exits on suspend (was Re: Davos Day 3)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Tue Jan 26 05:54:49 EST 2016

Hi Todd,

This is great stuff, thank you for somehow finding time to write up your blog 
as well as everything else that you're up to!

Re the suspending issue...

The "${xxx}" syntax in the settings.plist is used by the standalone builder to 
mark where substitutions go, so it's a clue that there's code to vary that 
particular part of the file.

Looking at the standalone building script finds two relevant bits. Firstly:
>  -- MW-2011-03-10: Force this to true for now, until we can fix the engine
>  --put pSettings["ios,exits on suspend"] into tExitsOnSuspend

so evidently there used to be an option in the Standalone Settings to allow 
you the dev to control how the app behaved - but it was taken out because of 
an unspecified problem.

However the second relevant bit:
>  -- tExitsOnSuspend defaulted to true. We want this to be false to allow background audio
>  if tBackgroundAudio is true then
>    put "false" into tExitsOnSuspend
>  else -- false or empty
>    put "true" into tExitsOnSuspend
>  end if

so at some point the option for background audio was added to the Standalone 
Settings, and to support this exits on suspend is suspended!

Short form: there's a more convenient way to achieve what you want, without 
having to nobble the files inside the LiveCode app: just select the 
"Background audio (experimental)" checkbox in the Standalone Settings.

Other observations:

- it's getting close to five years since the original option was removed, a 
lot of things have changed since then in both iOS and the engine - maybe it 
could be looked at again?

- related, this request two years ago by Ken Ray

- interestingly, when the stack is not set to exit to suspend, it does not 
appear to get any of the messages you might expect (i.e. 
suspend/resume[Stack]). AFAICT there's no way with this option for an app to 
tell when it has been suspended.  (Without this option set, the app gets 
shutdown/closeCard/closeStack; followed when reopened by 


On 26/01/2016 08:20, Todd Fabacher wrote:
> On day 3 we spent most of our time focused UI/UX issues with LiveCode. We
> created a desktop/ native mobile  scrolling lib. I see lots of post on this
> from beginners, we put put it into a substack. Take a look and let me know
> if there is a better way.
> Also, we can not deal with the suspending of LiveCode Apps on iOS when the
> user switches away, terrible UX. I almost just lost a client because of it,
> so I think we found a solution, not sure it is a best hack possible. Plus a
> few more UI issues and we started organizing the business logic.
> https://livecode.com/day-3-coding-world-leaders-at-davos/
> --Todd

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