One Rect For All specificaiton

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Mon Jan 25 16:44:42 EST 2016

On 1/25/2016 2:59 PM, Colin Holgate wrote:
> With showAll, I wouldn’t even use code. Have the tools centered in
> one direction and aligned to the edges in the other direction. If you
> want tools to hug a corner, then it gets more complicated.

For the stack in question, the toolbar needed to stretch across the 
entire width (portrait) and the background image needed to fill the 
width of the screen.

How we solved it:

Design the stack at 16:9 with the toolbar at the bottom. Make the 
toolbar and image wider than the iPhone6 screen will display and center 
them horizontally. Use "showAll".

On Android and iPad, the toolbar is automatically repositioned at the 
bottom of the screen. The extra width of the image and toolbar groups 
show on wider devices. No code is required to adjust anything as long as 
the content region is within the visible part of the original screen ratio.

So basically, set everything up for one of the largest screen dimensions 
you will support (in our case, height,) let the LC engine move the 
controls to fit whatever device is in use, and have oversized objects 
that will still be visible if the opposite screen dimension is larger 
than the one you designed for.

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