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Jose Damaso rjd318 at
Sat Jan 23 08:12:29 EST 2016

I'm intrigued at what you are trying to do -- the idea is great
and watching the process and development of it is surpisingly exciting.
This is how a borderless business mind works.

On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 9:27 AM, Todd Fabacher <tfabacher at> wrote:

> Hello LiveCoders,
> I am at Davos for a little business and was inspired to create a LiveCode
> App during the conference. I am creating a blog post for each day, and the
> goal is to create an app that "will make the world a better place", which
> is the goal of the conference. I am also trying to pitch LiveCode a the
> perfect solution for what many of the leaders are complaining about:
> falling behind in technology and creating a barrier of entry into the
> startup world for the disadvantaged. I think LiveCode can be part of the
> solution.
> There are 2 post up there now and I have have a few more to go to create my
> App. So find out what's going on at what seems to be the center of the
> world for the week and if you are so inclined, help us finish a biz planing
> app for micro and small businesses around the world. Here are the two blog
> post so far:
> Please make comments and check out the code....
> Cheers,
> Todd Fabacher
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