LC 8.0 dp13 crash when pasting script through clipboard into script editor

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 20 13:03:26 EST 2016

Roland Huettmann wrote:
> If someone also experienced this, I will file a bug report.
> I installed LC 8.0.0 dp 13 on a Windows machine, OS 8.1.
> When trying to copy script or any text from some other application and
> paste it from clipboard to be inserted into the opened script editor, LC
> crashes each time. It crashes without me having to kill the process, but
> repeatedly is crashing being not-responsive.

I haven't experienced that myself, but please do submit the report 
anyway if it's repeatable for you.

Deep revisions have been made to clipboard handling in v8 to support 
some exciting new features, but the chances of regression go along with 
that so your report will be very valuable.

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