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Mon Jan 18 05:07:59 EST 2016

On 18/01/2016 09:32, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
> On 15/01/2016 14:42, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> The IDE insists on changing the name of the stack file when I do Save As
>> (necessary to maintain compatibility with older versions of LC), and
>> at some
>> point I just gave up manually changing it to match the old URL.
> Hi Richard,
> I wouldn't dream of teaching my grandmother anything in relation to
> eggs, but FWIW: the 'backup+save' button on my standard toolbar
> extension looks for a stack property "uPrefStackFormat" which I can set
> to indicate the preferred format (2.4/2.7/5.5) and sets "the
> stackfileversion" appropriately before saving the stack.  That technique
> lets me move around between many versions of LC without (too often)
> running into the problem you mention.

Note that in LC 8.0.0 DP 13 and later, the IDE save commands don't use 
"the stackFileVersion" and save as specific versions directly.  You may 
want to update your toolbar extension to take advantage of this!  For 
example, simply use:

     save stack "my stack name" with format 2.7

(This is new syntax in 8.0.0 DP 13).


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