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Fri Jan 15 09:42:26 EST 2016

Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Do you (anyone) have any idea where I can get hold of 4WFlightRecorder ?
> All the Googling I do for it points me to "the stacks section of Go
> Revnet" (from IDE / Development / Plugins), but when I go there, I can't
> find a 'stacks' section. I tried the obvious thing (i.e. to look at
> Richard's site) but don't see anything there either.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  The upgrade for RevNet is in development 
but other projects have unfortunately pushed that volunteer work to the 
back burner, leaving links like the one to 4W Flight Recorder in limbo.

Hopefully I'll get a break from the other priorities here soon to wrap 
up the new RevNet - when it's done I think many here will like it.

I appreciate Kay's posting a URL to it, but I'm afraid the URL has 
changed.  The IDE insists on changing the name of the stack file when I 
do Save As (necessary to maintain compatibility with older versions of 
LC), and at some point I just gave up manually changing it to match the 
old URL.

So now (and hopefully going forward, unless LC goes through another name 
and/or file extension change) the URL is:


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