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Tue Jan 12 00:45:48 EST 2016

On 1/11/2016 10:37 PM, Kay C Lan wrote:
> Unfortunately it involves using the mouse but if you press the Option + cmd
> keys whilst mousing over any Spotlight result Quicklook should pop-up and
> at the bottom is the file path - which may be truncated depending on how
> many folders deep it is buried.

Good to know, thanks. It seems that only the Cmd key is necessary to 
show a path, at least in Yosemite, and the target line has to be 
selected. Long paths are truncated, but probably good enough to identify 
the item.

>> I think Labels are now called Tags

Sorry, I was linguistically sloppy, though the info you gave is a useful 
addedum. I didn't really mean "tags", I meant labelled (i.e.: named) 
folders. Every build I do is in a named folder with all build files 
inside, including the LiveCode source stack. I end up with dozens of 
source stacks with the same names.

If you haven't done a Finder search lately, try this:

Open any Finder window. If you know the general location of the files 
you want, open the window at that folder; the search will start at the 
current window's location and drill down from there. Type Cmd-F. Enter a 
search term in the find box. The default is to search file names and 
content, but you can change it to only match file names in the dropdown 
that appears under the search term.

Above the results list that appears, you can filter by any of dozens of 
filters. Common ones are already in the dropdown menu, but if you choose 
"Other" you can add more filters by selecting them. If you use certain 
filters frequently you can add them to the default menu by ticking their 

You'll get a list of exactly what you're looking for, and all file 
attributes normally displayed in your Finder view are immediately available.

> if you write a Spotlight plugin for your Back to the Future stack we'll all
> be able to do a Spotlight search for the Stacks we are going to create
> 'next week'. :-)

Now that I can certainly do. I will have done it, in fact.

Now we both have new ways to find things.

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