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Mon Jan 11 23:37:21 EST 2016

Straying off topic,

On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 11:32 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>

> I'd use Spotlight more too if it would show the file path to each of
> duplicate copies of a file.

Unfortunately it involves using the mouse but if you press the Option + cmd
keys whilst mousing over any Spotlight result Quicklook should pop-up and
at the bottom is the file path - which may be truncated depending on how
many folders deep it is buried.

If a duplicate file resides on another HD then the name of the HD will
appear in faint gray to the right of the name.

> I often have a master copy and a duplicate in a shared dropbox folder, as
> well as multiple historical copies in labelled folders, and I need to know
> which copy I'm about to open.
> I think Labels are now called Tags, make sure all your Tags start with a
different letter; Top Priority, Original, Backup, Archive etc. Tag your
originals and backups appropriately, then in Spotlight

tag:o .li
tag:o .pd
tag:o .tx

 --gets all your original livecode stacks, pdfs or txt documents.

tag:b canc
tag:b my imp

--gets your backup copies of your documents based on their name

tag:a canc .li

--gets all your tagged archive copies of your livecode stack called Cancer

My wife makes the common mistake of thinking she needs to type out the
entire name and or search criteria; that's the beauty of Spotlight, with
the application of a little logic it can save a whole heap of typing and
mousing about and point directly to the file you need with less chance of
mistakenly opening the wrong one. People who code are definitely logically
inclined so they can easily figure out how to set Tags up and what it is
about a file/folder that makes it unique so they can type the least into

tag:o date:yesterday   or quicker to type
tag:o date:1/11/16

--gets all your original documents created, opened or modified yesterday or
on a specific date



Should find all originals and list them by date last modified/opened. So in
all likelihood, if the last stack you worked on on Friday is going to be
the first stack you work on Monday, tag:o will be all you need to type into
Spotlight because the Top Hit will be the last original file you worked on,
so hit the Return key to have it Open for you. Once you start really using
Spotlight, and you start getting a better sense of how Spotlight thinks,
you adapt to make better use of it, ie you don't have Tags like Project 1,
Project 2, Project 3.

and yes, these are valid inputs as well

date:next month

--gets any calendar or reminder items due in the future - although Jacque,
if you write a Spotlight plugin for your Back to the Future stack we'll all
be able to do a Spotlight search for the Stacks we are going to create
'next week'. :-)

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