[ANN] This Week in LiveCode 15

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Mon Jan 11 10:56:16 EST 2016

Every week I look at the newsletter, and in the "Interesting discussion" 
section I find pointers to the uselist discussions.

I follow the uselist pretty closely, but have never found an acceptable 
way to follow the forum discussions, so I rarely read anything on there 
(except if an entry on the uselist contains a pointer to a particular 

Does the fact that the weekly newsletter always references interesting 
discussions on uselist but not on the forums indicate:

(a) all the interesting discussion happens there, and I am right to 
(almost) ignore the forums
(btw - :-)

(b) it is assumed that everyone follows the forums anyway, so there is 
no need to mention their discussions in the newsletter.

(c) whoever draws up this part of the newsletter is, like me, a uselist 
follower rather than a forum user.

Or of course,
(d) something else entirely.

-- Alex.

On 11/01/2016 10:47, Peter TB Brett wrote:
> Hi all,
> Read about new developments in LiveCode open source and the open 
> source community in today's edition of the "This Week in LiveCode" 
> newsletter!
>     Read issue #15 here: https://goo.gl/obZk4h
> This is a weekly newsletter about LiveCode, focussing on what's been 
> going on in and around the open source project.  New issues will be 
> released weekly on Mondays.  We have a dedicated mailing list that 
> will deliver each issue directly to you e-mail, so you don't miss any!
> If you have anything you'd like mentioned (a project, a discussion 
> somewhere, an upcoming event) then please get in touch.
>                                      Peter

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