mySQL Host access

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Jan 7 12:34:34 EST 2016

It seems that to access a mySQL database on my web host's servers from a
Livecode program, I have to configure "Allowable hosts" in the database
configuration.  That can be an ip address or a domain name such as "@."

The program in question will be used by perhaps a half dozen users, all
from their home computers and likely using different internet providers so
it appears every time I give the program to a new user, I will have to add
either their ip address (if it's fixed) or a domain as above.

Is this common practice when accessing mySQL on a host server?  If so, is
there a better way to set about accessing a mySQL database in these
circumstances, perhaps using php scripts on the server instead of accessing
the db directly with the LC database functions?

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