HTML5 update: why it is slow?

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Thu Jan 7 08:18:15 EST 2016

On 07/01/2016 11:59, Pierre Sahores wrote:
>> Le 7 janv. 2016 à 03:56, Lyn Teyla <lyn.teyla at> a écrit :
>> Monte Goulding wrote:
>>> Personally I’d rather you declare force majeure on wait for HTML5 and apply your considerable talents to implementing non-blocking versions of everything.
>> Agreed. Won’t the planned improvements to networking include asynchronous communication in any case?
>> If a stop-gap solution for HTTP request support is required, what about the suggestions listed at:

Doing a synchronous XMLHttpRequest isn't a totally insane idea and might 
be a decent temporary workaround.  Thanks Lyn -- I'll look into it.

> or what’s amazingly well minded and reliable on the lua, openresty/nginx and gideros side…

Since I'm not very well-versed in Lua programming, would you mind going 
into more detail about how the model used there and how you envisage it 
working in LiveCode Script?


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