Charset problems with .lc web page

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Mon Jan 4 06:39:47 EST 2016

On 24/12/2015 07:55, Tim Selander wrote:
 > Dear list,
 > I'm having trouble making a .lc web pages correctly show the charset.
 > I have two test files:
 > They are identical except for the .lc/.irev file extensions, and also
 > the <?lc ?> and <?rev ?> tags in the html.
 > The .irev file correctly shows Japanese UTF8, the .lc file does not.
 > Anyone else having problems with this? Can .lc files not handle charset
 > correctly?

Hi Tim,

I think that if you put a comment like:

     -- encoding: utf8

in the first line of the .lc file (or the second line if you have a 
shebang), the server engine will treat the .lc file as UTF-8 text rather 
than native text.

On the other hand, that solution might not work except in LiveCode 6.7 
or later.  I'm not sure!


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