send control-C to a process?

Thierry Douez th.douez at
Tue Dec 27 02:59:50 EST 2016

Hi Phil,

Instead of closing your process,
try to send a SIGINT or SIGQUIT signal to the child process, eg:

kill <process_id>
kill -9 <process_id>

This is just out of my head... HTH

Disclaimer: I know nothing about Sox.

and happy holidays too,


2016-12-27 7:50 GMT+01:00 Phil Davis <revdev at>:

> On a Mac I want to 'type' control-C to a process I opened for update. (I'm
> using SoX to record some spoken audio, and I want to tell it to end.) How
> do I do it?
> I found I can just close the process and the audio is preserved in the
> output file, but then Finder seems to have no idea what the audio duration
> is.
> Thanks and happy holidays to all -
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> Phil Davis

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