Copy Folders on Mobile

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Dec 25 22:12:06 EST 2016

Is there an easy way to copy a whole folder (plus sub-folders and files) recursively from

specialFolderPath("resources") # or "engine" same thing… (right?)


specialFolderPath("documents") # writeable

on mobile?

We are getting some pecular behavior on Android where  setting the browser widget to some local html content in the


works on iOS, but on Android we are getting a file not find error if you get a console running.  But the same content does  appear to be found on Android, if you use this


But I want to test with a complete html5 app package (js, json, css, etc the works)… and for this I need to copy an entire folder from the package to the resources when the user opens the app.



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